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Our mission

Linc Science (Fukuoka, Japan) is dedicated to helping Japanese speaking scientists accurately communicate their research to the international scientific community in English through our expert editing/translation services and educational workshops.

We make every possible effort to assist Japanese scientists to overcome the language barrier so that they will be impartially judged by the content of their research rather than the language used in the manuscript/presentation.

In addition, we ensure that Japanese scientists are properly informed of any new developments in publication trends so that they will not be disadvantaged in any way and thrive on the same footing with other scientists in the international community.

What makes us unique

The truth is, when editing a manuscript solely in English, it is often difficult to grasp the true intention/nuances of sentences that have been written by a Japanese speaker.

Nevertheless, most manuscript editing companies overlook this issue and do not take the necessary steps to clarify the author’s intent.

At Linc Science Rinko Kawakami, an English/Japanese bilingual founder/editor/translator works closely along with the English-speaking, expert editor in the author’s field by requesting the Japanese speaking author’s clarification in their native language to ensure that his/her true intent is correctly reflected in the final manuscript.

These extra steps ensure that our clients’ research is precisely communicated down to the finest detail—for the benefit of readers across the globe.

We take pride in being able assist clients in publishing their research which otherwise may not have been accepted by journals because of language problems.

Partnership with the expert editors

Job description

Linc Science provides high-quality editing, translation, and science/medical writing services to Japanese scientists and medical professionals.

Expert editors who work with us appreciate the experience of receiving author feedback, flexible schedules, and competitive compensation.

Top-tier, native English-speaking editors who hold a Ph.D. or M.D. in medical science and/or life science and/or social  science fields are needed  to assist Japanese researchers in publishing their manuscripts in leading, peer- reviewed international journals.

In addition to having excellent attention to detail, the ability to meet strict deadlines, and skills in interpreting subtle nuances of ESL writers’ intent in their writing, editors must be able to format the manuscripts according to the guidelines of target journals specified by the clients.

At times clients might not know which journal would be most suitable for publication of their manuscripts; in such cases, editors will be asked to issue a brief report and recommend several of the most suitable journals for publishing clients’ work.

Furthermore, editors are sometimes requested to act as a writing coach and provide detailed comments not only to ensure successful publication, but also to improve clients’ overall writing skills and answer questions in a timely manner.

Alternatively, editors are asked to edit presentation slides and scripts that Japanese researchers will deliver at international meetings/conferences as well as create an audio file of a read-through of the scripts.

Experience in serving as an editor at a peer-reviewed journal and teaching scientific writing or presentations skills as well as knowledge concerning various journals and book publishers, familiarity with both British and American styles of English usage, in addition to AMA, Vancouver, APA, MLA, Chicago, and other manuscript formatting styles is desirable. This is a flexible work-from-home opportunity.

Job requirements

  • Advanced degree (M.D., Ph.D., D.V.M., Pham.D., etc.) in a medical and/or life science and/or social science field
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in manuscript editing
  • Successful publishing track record as first author on medical/scientific articles in leading peer-reviewed journals
  • Must be a native-English speaker
  • Ability to edit and format manuscripts according to submission guidelines and meet high standards of writing set by the leading peer-reviewed scientific/medical journals
  • Ability to manage time and meet strict deadlines while working at home following a flexible schedule
  • Ability to interpret subtle nuances of ESL writers’ intent in writing and understand and respond to their needs in a timely manner
  • Ability to change the style of English in manuscripts into American/British style based on clients’ preference
  • Ability to provide effective comments to improve clients’ writing

Salary information

Based on experience and performance

How to apply/contact

If you are a qualified expert with eagle eyes 🦅 and would like to join our international team, please communicate with us using the following contact form and send your letter of intent and CV as attachments.

On a final note, please remember to indicate no more than 6 research areas that you would feel confident to edit by checking the appropriate box when submitting a contact form.

Only applicants who are selected will be notified to proceed to an editing test upon signing a confidentiality agreement.